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Resell Rights

When purchasing resell rights to any of Aurora Brushes products you agree to the following:

Reseller Responsibilities
1) You may not remove the footer backlink without express permission or purchasing private label rights (as available).

2) You may create your own designs on our base and include a "Designed By" link at your discretion so long as you do not remove the "Template by Aurora Brushes" link.

3) You must not sell the product for less than the amount posted in the description of the product on and in your invoice.

4) Resell rights are sold only via direct invoice, this agreement will be posted in the terms directly in the invoice as well.

5) You may not sell resell rights to any product nor can anyone sell this product on your behalf, you and you alone are the reseller. Responsibilities

1) Instructions for installation will be provided to the email address invoiced.

2) Support is provided. We will fix any bugs reported and release an updated install file as needed.

3) Any updates to the product will be provided free of charge unless otherwise specified in the product description on