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mktime warnings and issues with pagination are common on Aurora scripted proof pages. This addon replaces the proof page entirely and adds a settings page to your admin panel. Built on MRV this addon will work for any Aurora script.

Bugs fixed with this addon:

- mktime PHP warnings

- Number display at bottom so it no longer says 1 through 25 of 12 payments etc. and will instead correctly display 1 through 12 of 12 payments or whatever your limit is set to.

- Properly clears the float after the pagination to fix common design issues.

- Displays the date comprehensively.

New features with this addon:

- Decide whether or not to display your payouts list at all without creating an error page, when the proof page is disabled it will simply become a blank page.

- Define the number of payments you wish to show per page, keeping this number low causes the curious to load more pages.

-  Request date showing becomes optional.

- ID number showing becomes optional.

- Payment method showing becomes optional.

Addon comes as installed only on 1 domain. The addon cannot be resold or redistributed in any manner. After purchase please open a ticket with your hosting login. 

Use the install on multiple sites option when ordering to reduce overall costs for installing on multiple websites at once.

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Proof Page Update

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